Posted by: Ryan | June 19, 2010

Morning, Manchester

Full-on luxury: a Fisher Cats’ game last night, followed by a five-minute walk to the hotel, where I slept in until eight. Downstairs for eggs and a danish, followed by a swim. The Wife and Kid are with me on this trip – at least until tomorrow morning – so I watched last night’s game like a normal person, with frequent forays to the concessions (stuffed bat-dog toy, ice cream in a tiny plastic helmet). Sue nixed my purchase of an Eastern League umpires’ hat, hinting that it made me look like a failed rapper.

An entertaining game, with five home runs. The ‘Cats won again, and are now in sole possession of first place. Good news for Toronto fans: help is on the way. Just hold on for another two years or so. The NH closer is five-foot-seven, 155 pounds. He hit 97 on the radar gun, and struck out the side in the ninth.

If you want people to look at you funny, write in a notebook in public. You could have any other kind of device – palmtop, laptop, iPad, smartphone – and no one will pay you any mind. Start writing with an actual pen, though, and people will come up to you – as happened again last night – and ask you the name of the pitcher throwing 97, since you must be a scout or a reporter. If I keep eating pork barbecue and fries and cookies-n-cream ice cream out of plastic helmet cups, I’ll start to *look* like a scout.

I’ll write more about this game once I return to VT. We’re heading to Maine in a few, for a 6:05 game tonight in Portland, the first time this year that I’ll see Sox prospects.


  1. You should totally be a scout. I think that might be your destiny calling…

  2. The food and the rental cars would probably kill me, but don’t think I haven’t considered it…


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