Posted by: Ryan | October 20, 2010

Good News from Burlington

Turns out that the Vermont Lake Monsters are going to remain in Burlington for at least two more years. That’s good news for people like me, who already know and appreciate Centennial Field’s unique Single-A charms. And it’s good news for those of you who haven’t yet seen a game in Burlington. Maybe next summer you’ll bring a foam seat cushion, brave the concrete risers along the third-base line, and see tomorrow’s future flameouts today.

The club is now going to be affiliated with the Oakland A’s, instead of the Washington Nationals. Sorry to diss any Nats fans, but this is a step up.

Read the letter from the general manager.

The only down side I can see is that I now have to seriously consider moving to Burlington, so our family can host a Dominican phenom, and so I can become one of those people who see every home game. It’s hard to be a grass farmer in the city, my wife reminds me (becoming a grass farmer is my latest midlife goal).

But wouldn’t it make for an interesting blog, if I’d see every game of a Single-A team’s season, and drive a future major league shortstop to practice?


  1. Totally agree. Forget the grass, go for the full season blog of one particular team. See if the team will pay you to do it!


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